Residence Life

Students enrolled in Track 1 and 2 will live in housing, arranged by the University that is located very close to campus. Trained Residential Advisors (RAs), who live onsite, will help create a balanced academic and social life. Summer@HU is a great social opportunity in addition to the academics. Weekend events are organized for the students so they can explore the city in an exciting atmosphere. Students have the opportunity to meet others from all over the country and the world and really practice their English language skills. Current regular events include cultural presentations by local and international leaders, international holiday celebrations, international dances, monthly dinners and monthly movies.  Students enrolled in Track 3 and 4 will live in housing arranged by Thinktomi U in California.

Summer@HU is a shortened version of a college semester, but students will experience a real classroom. They will interact with professors, classmates and roommates. and gain confidence in graduate study in the US.

Students will gain so much from their experience in Summer@HU programs. They’ll be challenged, but they’ll also gain confidence from their new independence and will feel a sense of accomplishment having completed four weeks of real graduate-level coursework. We will truly strive to make HU your “home” for the summer. Our sincere hope is that you find your summer college experience challenging and fun, exploring all that HU and Harrisburg have to offer.